Friday, September 21, 2007

sketches and quick paints...


JC said...

hey Craig...
quick paint??...looks great man!...and i especially love the girl with the headphones..sweet.

Monkeyfeather said...

GASP! A plethora of new greatness from the Ber!!!b These are stellar my friend. I love the layout and colour of the top one. The water one reminds me of a future SF Bay area, and the girl with the next gen IPOD rocks! i can't wait to get my next gen IPOD, it's gonna be AWESOME!!!

Blair Kitchen said...

Niiiiiiiiiccccccceee. How do you do it Craig..... How do you do it? I love the second pic with the robot. The rest are crap. (surely I jest)........ (about the crap, not the robot one). Whatever you're doing with these paintings, keep doing it, because they are great!

It was nice seeing you at TCAF. I missed you man.

AstroGuaje said...

!! Awesome, amazing ¡¡

I love the IPOD ROBOT with dancing girl.

Really you are a master.
Your quick jobs are better than my slow jobs.

Sketchaholic said...

The first one reminds me of a street corner in SF. The second one is my fave though. Great stuff Craig!

crylic said...

sweet man, loving the girls, great legs!!!

E Hajibabaie said...

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Bobby Chiu said...

wow.. that's some fantastic variety Craig. Each one kicks ass!

Guillermo P. Mogorrón said...

Mamma mia!
I love the fast sketches, the colour ones, all of them.

craig said...

Hey JC-you're too kind! I thank you.

JO!- gotta neglect the ol blog now and then right...yikes to me.Thanks buddy

Blair-it was great seeing you too. I'm ready for issue #3 of the possum

astroguaje-I'm thinkin of doing a more finished version of the ipod girl sketch. Thanks for the kind words, but I gotta say your stuff is slow or not is great!

Thanks Vi!

Hey cyrlic-yeah, I'm in my "girls with fat legs and stubby feet" phase. We'll see where it goes

E Hajibabaie- thanks for stoppin by
thanks, thanks


Bobby- a pleasure to see your avatar. The work you guys are doing at schoolism is fantastic.

Guillermo P. Mogorrón - Thanks! the variety on your blog is great. love the pulled faces.

allen said...

love the atmosphere you get with the colors and shading.

kris "the anvil" pearn said...

Not only are you a beautiful man but a beautiful art guy. You do great art. I like the art you do.

Great Art=Craig Berry

No kidding...these are facts I know, because I know facts and these are them.
Facts about art.
And robots.
And sunsets.
And Craig Berry.

Great work old chum....kudos.

Ken said...

wow, great blog, ill be back for more

Marcelo Vignali said...

Blogitty, this stuff looks great. I love those thick-legged girls!

Anonymous said...

Hey Craig!
Long time. Nice work, your sketches of the girls have a wonderful feel to them. Really liking the atmosphere in your paintings too! The girl with the headphones is my fav!

Fabio Lai said...

Great stuff in your blog. Congratulations, your art is great.

Gerald said...

Killer robot design. Love that landscape - I thought it was a photo.

Chris Battle said...

Girls & robots: Always a good combo!

Kei Acedera said...

Hi Craig! Been a while..what a great post! I love the piece with the robot and your girls are very appealing!

Nicole said...

now, when you say "quick paints" how quick are we talkin'??

they look amazing!

craig said...

Allen-Thanks for checkin back. Good to see your avatar

Pearnsy-you sly devil cat! I thank you my friend. I guess you booked your ticket to come up here when the snow starts...uh...little nostalgia...uh

Thanks Ken. That's a great avatar!

Thanks Marcelo! Gotta dig the thick legs

Wow Troy...that's one helluva hiatus. Great to see you back in the blog realm.

Thanks Fabio!

Thanks Gerald! Hope things are well

Hey Chris. Girls and 'bots has gotta be my bread and butter

Hey Kei! Nice to see your avatar. Sounds like things are going well at Imaginism!

Hey Nicole. I aim for one hour, but it always goes longer, and then I tinker. I think the sunset and the street took about an hour each. The robot was a coupla hours. :)

joonasjoonas said...

Quick? Wow! Beautiful!

tre - | ...| said...

quick paints?! wooooo, i'd realy love to do such a "quick paints"

the girl is awesome

3re - | ...|

Katy Hargrove said...

I'm digging the character in the women sketches.

Anonymous said...

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