Friday, September 08, 2006 the mighty have fallen...

Went to the super7/afterworks 2 signing and arrived in time to see this. Wicked!


St John Street said...

Craig if that is you in the suit awesome costume if not wicked pic storm troopers are always cool hope the afterworks thing went well hope the weekend treats you ok thanks so much for stopping by and your kind words as usual appreciate your support as always take care!!!

St John Street said...

PS sorry for being so blind its early in the morning didn't read properly wicked pic all the same

joto said...

Wicked picture I would have kept coming back for pictures! Saw a 9 foot tall chewy at the toronto comic con looked cool too unable to take a picture though. Saw the afterworks 2 book and looked pretty sweet.

Monkeyfeather said...

HA HA!!!!

Blair Kitchen said...

storm troopers are cool.

Gerald said...

hahaah! Great photos, man I totally missed out the Super 7 signing. I think kid robot had a party that same night. At least you got to enjoy one of the parties!

Martin Hsu said...

hahaha.... hilarious...

Scott Wright said...

This is killer...made my day!

Danarchy said...

huh no shit... I liked you avatar and stopped by your blog only to realize I have seen your stuff on the character design blog.. I like your work alot. now that I have found your blog I shall be coming back.. muhahahhaa

justinpatrickparpan said...

Are those chicken nuggets or fish sticks?

Nicole Pullen said...

Hi Craig!
This is Nicole Pullen and Kim Leveille from Mercury!!! We worked with you on Mischief City and 6teen last year. We're both new to this whole bloggy (but it's fun to say!) and a friend of ours told us about yours, so here we are!! Graham was singing your praises for this blog too, so he says hi! We miss you up in the O-dot, hope you are doing well in LA and making it big! If you have some time, check out our blogs, there's not much on them yet, but all in due time. :)
Glad we found you, we'll be in touch on here I'm sure!! Take care

craig said...

Hey Nicole-glad you guys are bloggin. Can't wait to see more!

craig said...

Justin-those little bad boys are good ol fashioned imperial oatmeal.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Ah good old Stormtroopers,back in the day when it was cool to like Star Wars !! They'd kick the butt of those Clone Troopers for sure !!

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